Board exams.

Since childhood,we just had only one reason to study. Exams. To get good marks,ofcourse. Getting good marks and then clearing your entrance examinations to get into your so called “dream college” or I must say your parent’s dream college. I am giving my boards and I don’t know what to do. I am forced to persue engineering even if I have no interest in it. Why? Just because it’s over rated. I don’t know what I really want to do in my life or what I really want to become or what my real dream is,but definitely this is not. We’re forced to study hard and to get good marks but who cares if we’re really getting educated or just getting trained to get into a good college? Right now,I’m giving my 12th board examinations and I’m really sad about me,myself and my life. x


2 thoughts on “Board exams.

  1. Since you don’t know your calling YET, I think it’s a safe bet to study engineering… Or Medicine… Or whatever even vaguely ‘interests’ you. As I see, most of us spend our lives not knowing what our ‘real dreams’ are. We might never find out. Time moves on even as we wait for that apple to fall on our head… to find our calling …to make it big. But it might not happen to all of us. A degree (Bachelors at the minimum, Masters even better) is a kind of fail-safe, a security …it helps you earn money …and dignity. It would be great if you found your calling and I hope you do but it’s safer to have a degree… And NOW is the only time for earning one. Listen to some music, you’ll be fine…

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