Losing you

I was not a writer back then, I will admit. Just another girl, hopelessly suffocated by love.

And then one fine day, you came into my life like a blessing. I didn’t know what to do as you were one of the few good things happened to me ever. I wondered why God has sent a person like you to love a girl like me? I have done no good in my entire life, lost everyone’s trust and faith. A part of me hated myself. But all of me loved every part of yours. I hid the truth as I was afraid of the demons of my past to destroy everything I have with you.

And happily, you stole my heart and I didn’t mind. I saw you taking care of it and I held onto it. I remember the time I sat in silence and cried my heart out.

You tried fixing a broken girl, but love, some just cannot be fixed.

I am writing it to you, after cheating on you. Ironic? I agree too. Is it a poem about how sorry I am? No. If you ask me, it is about how I truly feel for you concealed behind an apology.




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