If a loved one tells you that they have depression or anxiety, it doesn’t mean that they need a reminder of how wonderful or fulfilling their life is. They do not need to be told to pray more often and to ask God for contentment. You can not tell them to just not be sad and expect them to magically pull themselves out of all the insecurities, trauma, regrets, anger, bad choices that they’ve made, and sad emotions. They need support. They need professional help. They need you to be understanding of their condition because trust me, it takes a lot of nerve to open up about something that usually people ignore and tell “it’s just in your head”.

Remember, you can not cure them by presenting them a catalouge of all the blessings in their life. A person suffering from such condition needs advice telling him to “just participate in life”about as much as a wheelchair-bound person needs to be told to just get up and walk!

You can not cure depression with prayers and getting the depressed person to pray anymore than you can cure a stomach ache or a flu by prayers.

Most importantly, you can not cure mental illness by telling the person they have no reason to have that illness in the first place because that will just end up making them feel guilty and ashamed for something they’ve no control over.

Please be considerate towards people who already have many a battle to fight within themselves. It is not necessary that the people suffering from depression/anxiety are poor or physically disabled. Anyone can suffer mental illness. It is important to take care our loved ones, if they’re going through depression. 


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