You were the last hope I had in my life. You were the first,the only, and probably will be the last positive person in my life.
No matter how bad you acted, I considered you the kindest person I have ever met. No matter what happened between us,how badly things went for us, I had never let you go. Even at times when you hated me, had pity on me for what I did in my life, I sticked on to you.
Ever wondered why? That was not easy. Putting everything else down just for you, trust me that was not easy.
All that I did was because I believed in you. I wondered how anyone soo amazing and loving and soo perfect is in my life. I adored you like hell. I hope you know that. At times I went crazy for silly little things, out of jealousy maybe, but that was because I was completely in love with you. I fought with you madly. But I always believed that you are mine. Just mine. I left behind all my past so that I can live my present with you. I loved my life the way it was going,with you standing beside me.
But today everything changed. I couldn’t believe what my own eyes read. How can it possibly be true? I don’t want this to be true. All my unconditional love for you, all the blind trust on you is destroyed within seconds. And now I cannot trust any human on this planet for the rest of my life. I don’t want to see you ever again. Thank you so much for turning my life from a mess to a positive one. And thank you even more for putting me in that mess again.


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